Industrial Hemp Manufacturing. LLC (IHM) is a global company providing our customers with the "best in quality" plant fiber products. Industrial Hemp Manufacturing is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hemp, Inc. (Hemp, Inc. Website). Bruce Perlowin founded these companies to bring a better understanding of the use of green plant products. IHM is the producer of DrillWallTM an oil well drilling fluid additive, used by many oil companies as a loss circulation material (LCM). IHM also produces SpillSuckTM, an absorbent made from the core of kenaf and hemp plants, which is one of the most absorbent natural materials on earth. SpillSuckTM was one of the products used to help cleanup the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill. IHM sells a variety of plant fibers including quality hemp, jute, meshta, kenaf, and flax that are used to make light weight and very strong plastic composites in many of the automobiles we drive.
We also have the technology to make plant fibers fire retardent, water repellent, absorptive, and super soft. We can provide natural fiber in the form of cut fiber, treated fiber, thread, string, textiles, non-wovens and needle punched products.
The world is finding that our plant fiber technology is used to make a greener earth.
  • DrillWallTM
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  • DrillWallTM is a tested drilling fluid loss circulation material (LCM) used by many major oil companies. Industrial Hemp Manufacturing (IHM) management were key in developing this product years ago for the oil and gas drilling industry. Loss circulation of drilling fluids can have severe impacts to time, money and safety for any project. Top fluid engineers live by their working formulas. We can provide DrillWallTM for lab testing.

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  • SpillSuckTM
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  • SpillSuckTM is made from the core fiber of the kenaf and hemp plants. This was the same absorbent that was shown on Fox News during the Gulf oil spill cleanup and it did its job to help save numerous animals and wildlife. Many baby pelicans were saved in the Gulf's pelican rookeries. The core material has been found in US government studies to be the MOST absorbent natural material on earth. SpillSuckTM will pickup spilled oil from a floor in just minutes.

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  • Plant Fibers
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  • IHM provides hemp, jute and kenaf fiber in grades A, B, and C. The quality of our fiber is excellent in each grade. Our fiber can be cut to your specifications and also treated for specialized needs. We manufacture woven and non-woven natural fiber felts for the plastics composites industry. We also provide woven natural fiber carpet backing materials that are strong, light and durable.

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